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Shark Fossils

Posted on 08 October, 2018 by Donald Alvarado
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kungurcave.com -Shark Fossils com: types of shark fossils: parts of sharks .... Introduction to Shark Fossils Because sharks are made of cartilage and not bone, it's a common misconception that teeth are the only parts that fossilize.

1. Fossil Shark In Fossil Shark

Fossil Shark In Fossil Shark  DownloadSource: www.fossilmuseum.net

Fossil shark teeth for sale. Fossil shark teeth are often fairly common in the fossil record because sharks constantly replace their work teeth during their lifetime and they preserve well.

Shark Fossils . Shark Fossils Fossil shark remains are the most common Vertebrate fossil and are found around the world. The first sharks appeared around 450 million years ago during the Ordovician period.

Shark tooth. Shark teeth cannot be collected from just any type of rock. Any fossils, including fossil shark teeth, are preserved in sedimentary rocks after falling from their mouth. The sediment that the teeth were found in is used to help determine the age of the shark tooth due to the fossilization process.

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