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Oklahoma Fossil Identification

Posted on 06 March, 2018 by Deborah Hart
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kungurcave.com -Oklahoma Fossil Identification Oklahoma Through Time. Oklahoma’s rich fossil record provides a window on the plants and animals that once grew, swam and walked across our state over hundreds of millions of years.

1. Mississippian Age Fossils, Oklahoma.

Mississippian Age Fossils, Oklahoma.  DownloadSource: www.thefossilforum.com

Oklahoma Fossil Identification ed. I’d like to share a link with you to a new web page created for identifying Oklahoma fossils, www.CommonFossilsOfOklahoma.snomnh.ou.edu. It’s packed with images of living plants and animals and their respective fossils, details about how paleontologists search for fossils, and ways to identifying Oklahoma fossils and learn about the communities these plants and animals came from.

Useful oklahoma geologic map. Good information on fossils is sometimes hard to come by for Oklahoma; most of the good stuff is buried under mountains of research papers and jargon.

Free fossil identification. A fossil is an organism, creature, plant or burrow that lived millions of years ago. Fossils have the same density as rocks and weigh roughly the same. Fossils are preserved in rock or clay. The first form of life evolved 4 billion years ago, but the first visible life was 2 billion years ago. Life on land first appeared 380 million years ago. Igneous is a name for volcanic rocks, you will not find Fossils in these rocks.

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