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Mold Fossil

Posted on 30 June, 2018 by Donald Alvarado
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kungurcave.com -Mold Fossil The rare fossil casts form when a mold fills with material, such as sediments or soluble minerals, and creates a replica of the original organism. A cast can be compared to putting Jell-o into a mold and letting it set; the removed form is a cast of the mold.

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Google sites. Mold Fossil s form after hard parts have been buried in mud, clay, or other material that turns to stone. Later, water dissolves the buried hard part, leaving only an impression or mold of the original. T he content can get compressed into a hard copy of what it was enclosed in.

Mold fossil. mold fossil (plural mold fossils) A fossil formed when sediment fills the inside or covers the outside of a dead organism and the organism's remains do not persist, leaving just the shape and texture of the rock to indicate the organic material that was there.

Mold-fossil dictionary definition. (plural mold fossils) A fossil formed when an animal, plant, or other organism dies and is covered by sediment, its flesh decays and bones deteriorate due to chemical reactions, and a cavity remains below the ground surface.

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